Waterskiing in Ulvik

Crash through the waves of the Ulvik-fjord with Ulvik Waterskiing Association. Ride the fjord on a tube, waterskiis or bananaboat for an exhilirating encounter with the water!

Contact information


Ulvik waterskiing association is located in Holmen near the soccer-field and the local beach. They offer waterskiing and bananaboat-rentals, and you get to join in on an exhilirating experience on the crystal-clear Ulvik-fjord. The service is open to both children and adults, and the association has all the necessary equipment available for rental to make your experience safe and comfortable. Banana-boats can also be rented, to a minimum of two people (or maximum 5).

The water-skiing association offers rides for both members and non-members in Holmen on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays during the summer season.