Hjadlane Art Gallery

Hjadlane Galleri is a local art gallery in the nook of the Osa fjord. The gallery exhibits local artist Lars Polden's splendid paintings, drawing inspiration from the local nature and poetry. Hjadlane Galleri is open to visitors all year around.

Contact information


Welcome to Lars G. Polden's atelier and gallery. 


We are situated in Hjadlane galleri in Osa. Venture into the unknown, to the nook of the fjord and experience the art and a different way of viewing the world. 

As of last summer, I've switched up the way in which I present my works. I have chosen to paint openly in the gallery and thus include visitors in the creative process, from idea to completed work displayed on the wall. 

This method has proven wonderful. I sense a more intimate dialogue with visitors, with tools and unfinished works scattered around at full display. Visitors become more inquisitive and ask more about tecnique and content. Feedback has been great, with visitors leaving happy and me gaining inspiration and vigor to keep creating (despite my health and personal economy insisting otherwise). 

Bet on the experience. 

I will do everything I can in order to facilitate this meeting between you, me and the paintings. The space in the gallery is limited, as the pieces travel from my atelier in the 3rd floor, through the gallery for photography, to a permanent storage in the "Home-house". We can only accept a maximum capacity of 8-10 guests at the same time. Some waiting-time may occur. 


I want to apologize in advance that I may not be present at all times, but thanks to the support of my family-members, we can host visitors morning, noon and night. Reservations in advance would be appreciated. Please call Torunn (996 42 329), Lars (481 29 669) or send us an e-mail at hjadlane.galleri@osa.no


We look forward to seeing you.