Angr Ski-tours

Angr offers guided hikes by ski in the local mountain-regions around Ulvik. Join the skilled, local guides and experience the crisp, frosty side of wintry Ulvik. Enjoy the breathtaking views and immerse yourself in the local history and culture as the guide walks you through the raw and intense nature of the Norwegian winter wonderland.

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Magnificent guided summit-skiing tours!

Joining a guided skiing tour to a summit is an amazing experience, and we highly reccommend such tours during spring when the weather and conditions are safer and more stable (compared to those of the winter-season). 

We offer guided summit skiing tours in april and may. The tours take place in major mountain-areas in Ulvik, Hardanger. The exact location of each hike depens on the weather-conditions in the area. 

The guide is well-versed and experienced hiking in the local area, and highly knowledgeable about necessary competencies of venturing in mountainous areas (such as assessing the risk of avalanches).