Fishing in Eidjord


Eidfjord is rich in fishing opportunities in rivers, lakes and in the fjord. Fishing in the fjord is free.

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For fishing in rivers and lakes for salmon and trout, in addition to fishing licenses, a fishing allowance fee must be paid at

Sale of fishing license:

In the Eio river

In the lower part of the Eidfjord lake: YX gas station (in the centre of Eidfjord).

In the upper part of the Eidfjord lake and in the Veig river: Sæbø Camping in Øvre Eidfjord

In the Simadal river

At the Hardangervidda there are many fishing lakes with mountain trout. It is not necessary to have a fishing allowance fee in the mountain area (only for salmon and sea trout).

Sale of fishing license:
Common fishing license for Statsalmenningen:
Fishing license for Veig (Veigdalen): The Tourist Office and Vivelid Fjellstova
Ullensvang: The Tourist Office and
Isdalsvatnet lake:
Sysendalen: Garen Camping

For salmon fishing: The wild salmon is protected, so it should be re-released.

In the Eio river it is possible to book a fishing guide including fishing gear.
Contact Eidfjord Sportfishing:
Jesper Nielsen, tel. +47 99398754, email: