Pond Frystetjørn


Frystetjørn is a small mountain pond with a handful of local, privately owned traditional cabins surrounding it. This hike lets you immerse yourself in the clean, crisp Norwegian nature and wildlife and will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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Pond Frystetjørn - a lovely walk through the forest

Starting point 

Hardanger Gjestehus in Ulvik or halfway up to the lake at the forest road (see map).

About the trail 
Gravel road up to Fryste (limited parking capacity at end of road), well marked foot path. The circular walk is recommended in order to see a different landscape on the way back with a beautiful view over the centre of Ulvik. Always remember to leave the gates just as you found them - closed or open. This is a lovely walk through the forest, and at the end of the trail, you may sit down and enjoy the tranquil lake. Bring a thermos flask with some coffee and some fruit, and you will experience the serenity of Frystetjørn pond.

Parking: At the starting points
Parking fee: Free
Length: 5 km (from the forest road), 13 km (From Ulvik).
Total ascent: 230 meters (from the forest road), 500 meters (from Ulvik).
Total walking time: 2 hours (from the forest road), 5 hours (from Ulvik centre).
Season (average year): May – September