Fruit and cider route, Ulvik

The fruit and cider route in Ulvik connects the fruit farms Ulvik Frukt & Cideri, Syse Gard and Hardanger Saft- og Siderfabrikk. This is an easy walk from the center in Ulvik and along your way, you can visit the farms.

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The Fruit and Cider Route is a collaboration between Hardanger Saft- og Siderfabrikk, Syse Farm, and Ulvik Frukt & Cideri. Festivals in May (Siderslepp) and October (Fruktslepp). If you want to taste the excellent products, you can book through Taste Hardanger - Groups may visit for guided tours and product tasting, please contact the farms directly. All the farms are within walking distance, and every farm offers a truly unique experience. All farms have outlets selling cider.