The Pearl of Hardanger

A quiet hamlet deep in Hardangerfjord.

About Ulvik
Osa fjord
Osa fjord
Photo: Øydvinstod

 The wild and beautiful Ulvik

Ulvik is situated in Hardanger within a fjord landscape of blue fjord, gentle foothills with unspoiled nature and tall mountains with awesome mountain plateau. With warm and gentle summers providing a good mixture of sun and rain that lets you enjoy the wonders of nature and small gentle orchard farms. The scents and tastes of the orchard products tingles your senses and the scenery is a photographer's delight.  It’s no wonder why the only "living" orchard gene bank is located here at the horticultural school.

Ulvik has a long tradition within tourism making sure your vacation in Hardanger is a once in a life time experience.  The village walks offers cultural sites, trails for hiking, farms with food market and cider tasting to visit, and activities in and around the fjord. A selection of accommodation is awaiting your stay; in hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast, cottages, campsites and even Mongolian yurt in Osa – the choice is yours.


Osa and Osa fjord with its mountain plateau

10 km from Ulvik and easily reachable by bike is the village Osa with its 30+ inhabitants.  The area is steep in history with its remnants of the "forgotten" city and the attempt during the WW2 to continue building the power plant.  The 1925 cafe is restored and offers a light snack with storytelling and touring of the shafts in the mountain.  The little known "sea to sky" mountain toll road from Osa brings you to Hardangervidda where you can view from the distance the large glacier named Hardangerjøkulen and a plateau as far as you can see – all for yourself.


Nordalen and Austdalen walking areas.

Osa is where the two valleys of flora from east and vest meets for you to explore nature among rivers and waterfalls during gentle hikes up the valleys.

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