Activities in Nature & Culture

Ulvik offers a nature that is wild, beautiful and exotic.

Activities in Nature & Culture
Photo: Hardanger Basecamp
Activities in Nature & Culture

Deep in Hardangerfjord is the hamlet of Ulvik with a fjordnature of gentle foothills covered with orchards and a wild and awesome mountain plateau. Warm summers with a mixture of sun and rain provides a bounty of berries and fruit in season and scents and tastes of the orchard products tingles your senses. It is no wonder that only "living" orchard gene bank in Norway is located here at the horticultural school.

Osa and the Osa fjord.

10 km from Ulvik is the sister hamlet Osa with its unique WW2 history and remnants of the "forgotten" city, a planned city that never realized.  Today the 1925 cafe is restored and offers light meals with storytelling and provide guided tours in the area including the shafts and tunnels constructed in an attempt to create a powerplant in the early 1900's.  The little known "sea to sky" mountain road from Osa brings you to Hardangervidda where you can experience the breathtaking views of the the Hardangerjøkulen icefield and a plateau as far as you can see – all for yourself.

Nordalen and Austdalen

The two vally areas og north and east meet in Osa and display the different flora of southern Norway among rivers and waterfalls in a wild yet gentle nature.  With a walk or hike quiet alone with the nature you will find inspiration for body and soul.  


Cultural sites like guided village walks, trails for hiking, farms with food market and cider tasting to visit, activities in and around the fjord. A selection of accommodation is awaiting you for stays in hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast, cottages, campsites or perhaps in a Mongolian yurt in Osa – the choice is yours.

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