Røldal stave church

The beautiful stave church in Røldal was built around year 1250. During the middle ages the stave church was the most important meeting place for pilgrims, after the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.

Røldal stave church

The medieval crucifix above the altarpiece was said to have healing powers, and well into the Protestant period sick people made pilgrimages to the church.

It was also one of the most important churches in Western Norway in the middle age. The church was decorated inside in the 16th century. The building material is timber from the valley. 

Røldal stave church is the only stave church in Norway still in regular use. During the summertime the church is open for viewing for tourists.

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Røldal Stave Church

The church was built at the end of the 13 th century and is famous for its crucifix. According to legend it sweats once a year (July 6 th), and the sweat has healing power. After Trondheim (Nidarosdomen cathedral), Røldal was the most important site of...

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