Hardangervidda National Park

Welcome to the largest highland plateau in Northern Europe! Hardangervidda is Norway’s largest national park and a paradise for hikers!

Hardangervidda National Park
Photo: Hege Grane Hisdal

You can hike for days and weeks on a network of marked trails and stay overnight in cabins owned by the norwegian hiking association (DNT). Some cabins are self-serviced, others staffed. The staffed lodges provide accommodation and full pension. With thousands of lakes the plateau is also an eldorado for  hikers with tents and fishing rods.

Hardangervidda is an important area as the home of the largest wild reindeer herds in Europe. The plateau has a large diversity of plants and species. The western part of the national park has many intriguing valleys. Hardangerjøkulen, one of Norways largest glaciers you can see in north west.

Eidfjord, Ullensvang and Odda are the main gateways to this unique mountain area. In Odda you will find the highest mountain in the nationalpark; Sandfloeggi at 1720 m.a.s.l.

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Hardangervidda from Odda

Skjeggedal above Tyssedal, Reinsnos up from Skare and Valldalen in Røldal are excellent starting points for hikes on the Hardangervidda Plateau. Haukeliseter about an hour from Røldal is also a good option. Numerous DNT-cabins where you can stay...

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Fishing in Odda, Røldal, Tyssedal

Several excellent mountain trout lakes. Fishing permits: Tourist Information in Odda and Røldal, Shell gas station in Røldal, sport shops and Odda Camping. Fishing in the Røldal Lake and the fjord is free of charge. Applications for wild reindeer hunting...

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