Climbing in Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is Italian and means originally  "iron road". This has become a popular way of climbing all over the world! In odda we have two adventurous routes!

Climbing in Via Ferrata
Photo:, Chris Lorang Arnesen

Via Ferrata is easier than rock climbing. The routes goes through fixed bolts, clamps, cables and steps that function like ladders - some places in the steep rock wall. The steeps are predictable, and previous climbing experience is normally not necessary to manage to do a Via Ferrata.  The activity requires normal psychical shape and not being afraid of heights!

We have an easier and a more challenging Via Ferrata in Odda. We recommend you do the easiest and shortest route first, before you consider if you want a bigger and more exhausting challenge. Both routes are going through historical landscape that tells a story about the Norwegian industry adventure that started around year 1900.

All necessary climbing gear is provided. for more information.

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